College Summer Break

Published on 26 June 2023 at 19:17

I'm a college student that does school full time (5 or 6 classes) in the fall and spring semesters. From May to September I'm on summer break, and I don't take any university classes. Since I took AP and dual credit classes in high school, I got a head start on my degree, and it's what allows me to fully enjoy summer break. I know that not every student is able to enjoy a school free summer, but regardless of your situation, and regardless of whether you're in university or have been graduated for the last three decades, there are ways to make the most of the summer. Personally, I like to spend the summer months working on things I don't have as much time for during the semester.

Since I live at home year round, I'm with my family daily, but during the summer months I try to be more intentional with how I spend time with them. I don't have homework, projects, and midterms distracting me, so I can be more spontaneous in day-to-day activities. Sometimes we spend all day riding our bikes from one park to another, and other days we spend all day cutting up watermelon and pineapples in the kitchen along with other summer treats. Puzzles and trips to the library take up our time, and lazy afternoons are spent watching a movie or show. 

I value my relationship with my family above all else, but another thing I try to catch up with over the summer is myself. I'm somebody who likes to journal, and keeping a daily journal with the details of my daily life does wonders for me. I take time each day to journal, to work on a personal hobby, read a little, or any activity that will connect me to myself. 

I also believe that while college is a great place to learn, learning is something that happens in day to day life. Learning or diving deeper into something you're interested in over the summer when you have a little more time on your hands can go a long way. This summer I'm focusing on diving deeper into french, which I took in high school. Learning and developing skills over the summer even if it's not at college is a great habit to develop and maintain even after you're done with university. 

Even if you have to work or take classes over the summer, take time to enjoy the sun and all the good that comes with it. 


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