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Published on 27 June 2023 at 10:42

I'm a sophomore in college, and even though I'm not an expert, I do have some things I wish I'd known sooner that could help someone else. I do want to point out that my college experience is specific to me, the university I chose, and that each person's college experience varies. My goals for college are to maintain high grades, keep scholarships, and manage my time well in order to have time for other things as well. 

1.) Make sure your credits transfer 

If you took AP classes, dual credit classes, or other college courses in high school, make sure you transfer them to your chosen university as soon as possible. You don't want to pay for classes in college that you've already completed and gotten credit for in high school. 

2.) Don't Choose Professors or Courses Based on What Others Say 

You are going to hear a lot of things about this and that professor being unfair or a course that makes everyone fail. I've heard more than my share of things like that, but I haven't based my decisions on what others say. If I have to take a course that is rumored to be very difficult or with a professor that is super strict, I still take the class. If I need to take course in order to advance my degree, I will take it and do my best by studying, and preparing accordingly. You never know if the people saying stuff about the course/professors are the type of students that don't study or that don't put in the work. So far, I have come across only one difficult professor, and I survived. 

3.) Don't Change Your Major 

The most common piece of advice I've heard is that you should use college to find out what you really want to do. That students should try out different courses, and to not be scared of changing your major. The truth is, if you change your major once or more times, you most likely will have to take more courses for that new major. That means you'll be having to pay for more classes, and it can get expensive very quickly. If you're unsure of your major, go to community college first. It'll save you money and give you time to think. 

4.) Sleep

I've never understood how people are able to stay out late, not sleep at least 6 hours, and then go to class. I need my 8 hours of sleep, or at the very least 6. Sleeping well will help you feel better, be more focused, and more productive everyday. Sleepless nights will catch up to you, and mess up your sleeping schedule. 

5.) Be Organized

At the start of every semester and at the start of every break, I organize my closet, drawers, shoes, and my backpack. Having all that in order helps me feel more confident going into a new semester or start a break with a clear mind. 

6.) Eat Well and Be Active

The habits we develop now in our college years will follow us into our later lives. I try to eat healthy and be active, which will help me stay in shape and develop good habits for the rest of my adulthood. Drink lots of water and try to sneak in at least a 10 minute workout daily. 

7.) Work on Your Relationships

Make sure you spend time with your friends and family. I live at home and commute to college, so I still live with them and see them daily, but even if you choose to dorm stay in touch. You don't want to look at your family after four years and see strangers. 

Most of all, remember that you are a growing individual. Learn as much as you can and decide what's important to you. Go to class and enjoy a walk around campus. I love college so far, I love my major and I love being able to be home. Enjoy this stage of life :)


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