The Perfect Marriage Book Review *spoilers*

Published on 6 August 2023 at 09:50

So I've been reading plenty this summer, and I've just finished The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose and Forever After All by Catharina Maura. I plan on writing book review for both of these books and a couple of the others I've read, but these are the freshest in my mind. I don't usually read murder mysteries, I tend to go more for fairytale retellings, YA books, and classics. The only other murder mystery I read was In Cold Blood for school. This book caught my attention because I can't imagine the wife of a cheating husband wanting to defend him on a trial for murdering his mistress.


I immediately disliked Adam for cheating, because cheating is mental/emotional/physical abuse, and there is no excuse for it ever. I started reading, and the prologue started with Adam and his mistress together. This brings me to the one thing I didn't like about this book, which is the "spicy" scenes. The reason why I stick to books targeted for YA or classics is because I can avoid the steamy scenes that are so commonly found in books nowadays. I think that a lot of times spicy scenes are just there for the sake of it, without doing much for the plot. I also disliked the cuss words in it, but like I said, it was the spicy scenes that really bothered me. Don't get me started on the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Mass, I was shocked and didn't expect all the spiciness in those either. Anyway, Adam was and still is in my opinion the villain of the story. He was a failed writer, who lived off of his successful wife's, Sara, money. Sara is a successful, rich lawyer with a troubled past (a difficult relationship with her mom). The book is told from both Sara and Adam's perspective, which is something I love in books. Getting both points of view is very entertaining, and it helps get to know them individually. Sara's p.o.v is always organized, direct, and she knows what she's doing. Adam's p.o.v is weird at times, with him imagining what it would be like to kill when he gets mad. His sections get shorter and more desperate as the story goes on, which made me like him even less. He goes as far as to say that he loved both Kelly (his mistress) and his wife. He drinks and stares at his computer screen all day at the lake house his wife bought him, hence why he is a failed writer. Kelly is found murdered in his bed at said lake house, which is how he ends up in jail. Kelly is an interesting character herself, she is a waitress at a cafe whose real name is Jenna. She changed her name because she murdered her first husband, but her new husband Scott helped her get away. Scott supposedly was abusive towards her, but it's never revealed if he actually was abusive or not. Kelly also was sleeping with Scott, Adam, and Sheriff Stevens during the same time period, which is important for the trial. At times it was difficult to keep up with the events in the books because it was fast paced and did some time jumps, so pay attention to the dates when you read it.


Like I said there will be spoilers, this is the last warning before I spoil the book. *spoilers, spoilers, spoilers*


In the end it is revealed that Sara was the one who overdosed her own mom, and that she was the one who killed Kelly. She killed Kelly not for sleeping with Adam, but because she wanted Adam in jail so he wouldn't get 50% of her money and assets in a divorce. Now, murder is wrong under all circumstances, and unjustifiable in real life. If it was a real life case, the only course of action would be to divorce Adam and that would be the end of it. But since this is a book review, for a fictional book, with fictional charactes, I will say that I see where Sara was coming from. Her lazy failed writer of a husband cheated on her with a woman who was sleeping around, and if she divorced him he would get 50% of Sara's wealth to share with Kelly. That would have been ridiculous because Sara is the one who worked for her money. It's also ironic that the trial is what finally gets Adam a successful book written, so in a way Sara helped him achieve his dream. Like I said, I love the way the book ended because Adam and Kelly got what they deserved in the fictional world. Sara basically took karma into her own hands. 


Would I read this book again? No, because I don't particularly enjoy the spicy or the cuss words.


Did I enjoy reading this book? I did, it was entertaining enough. 


Was I inspired to read more suspense/murder/mystery books? It still is not a genre that calls to me. I love softer books with clean romance. 

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