Practicing Gratefulness

Published on 28 July 2023 at 15:40

We live in a society that constantly pushes the next new thing on us. If you open Pinterest, Instagram, or any other app, you will be flooded with images of clothes, shoes, home decor, and other things that you don't need but would love to have. At school and work we see countless people who seem like they have everything we want, and every store you walk into tries to convince you to buy more than what you went in for. I know that for myself, clothes is a weak point. I love clothes, shoes, and even accessories, and I fall easily into the trap of seeing what Pinterest shows me, what other girls are wearing, and wanting more myself. The good thing is that I love deals, so unless I find clothes at great prices, I won't let myself buy it. There still is the problem though of feeling unsatisfied with what we already have. I am writing from my point of view, a young college girl with a home, family, more clothes and shoes than I need. I have instruments, arts supplies, a laptop for school, and a washer and dryer at home. I can't ask God for more because He has provided everything I need and more. I know that I am blesses, so why is it that as humans we always want more?

The topic of gratefulness came to mind yesterday, when I went to the store to buy a new laptop for college with my mom and siblings. We looked at all the laptops and computers, and we picked out the one that fit me the best. My parents are endlessly supportive, and I know that anything I need for college they're more than happy to provide. On the drive back home, we came across a family of three standing on a street corner with a carboard sign that explained they were homeless and needed help. The mom was holding a toddler, and I couldn't help but notice the world of difference from her life compared to mine. She was holding a toddler in the heat of the summer in a street corner, with no home, food, clothes, and no necessities. I was on my way back home in an air-conditioned car with my family and a new laptop for college. I don't understand why I'm in the position I'm in while there are so many people who lack the basic needs of life. I also don't understand why we as humans are never satisfied with what we have. I know that in a week, I'll be at another store, I'll see another dress, and want to get it, despite all of the other dresses I already have. 

From what I've seen most, if not all, people are like this too. People are always after the next thing, collecting stuff that they have no need for. Social media hasn't made the problem any smaller either. We're able to see what everyone else has, making us forget what we have ourselves. I think that one way to practice gratefulness is to take notice of every blessing in our lives, even the ones we're so used to having that we forget. For example, I was grateful for the washer and dryer in my home because it means I don't have to go to a Laundromat, I can wash and dry in the comfort of my own home. Be grateful for the full fridge and pantry, the cold drinks in the heat of the summer, the comfort and safety of your bed, and all the little things in between. I keep a personal diary, and I've been making sure to write down what I'm thankful for every day. 


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