Book Review: I Loved You In Another Life

Published on 11 February 2024 at 13:08

I was pleasantly surprised with spring this past week, and the lovely weather that comes it. I grabbed my bike for the first time in two snow filled months and headed for the library. I picked up two books, "I loved You In Another Life" and " A Curse for True Love". I read I Loved You In Another Life between yesterday and today, and I was caught completely unaware. It's the type of book that I loved so much I'll have to buy my own copy to have at home. I was in the mood for romance since Valentine's Day is this coming Wednesday, and this book was filled with it. I usually don't like the bouncing around time periods, but this book did it beautifully. The characters stole my heart, not just Evan and Shosh, but Will and the parents, and the friends did too. What I loved the most was the facts that were scattered throughout the book. My favorite was the part that talked about how people used to think birds migrated to the moon. If you haven't read the book, this will make sense once you read it. I also loved one part that talked about how the word "blue" didn't appear in language until some centuries ago. These things made me think and realize that the world we exist in today did not always look the way it does., it's been in the making since the beginning. Reading the book gave me the feeling of a slow rainy morning, and a phrase in it inspired the title of one of my poems. I've actually decided to share some of my poetry here in my blog, more on that in an upcoming post. The book also had poetry in it, and songs. All of this added to the experience, which surprised me because I tend to disconnect if the characters sing and the lyrics are in the book. There was something about the writing that made it work. The ending was not what I expected, and I find it heartbreaking that it ends the same way it did lifetimes ago. This book made me wonder what the possibilities of finding a love that lasts are. 


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