The Cruel Prince Book Review *spoilers*

Published on 25 September 2023 at 14:49

I am happy to say that despite the fall semester being in full swing, I've got time on my hands to read, sketch, and other hobbies. This past week I picked up the Cruel Prince by Holly Black from my local library, and I am in love. Cardan has my heart. I'm a fan of fairytales, fairytale retellings, and fae books too. I love the magic, the whimsical feeling to the world. This book has it all. Jude is a strong character, and her twin, Taryn, is a hypocrite (I say this after reading Wicked King). The way Holly Black writes is the perfect balance between describing too much and too little. There are characters, like Madoc, who you can't bring yourself to hate, despite the horrible things they've done. I've never come across villains that are "not all bad" as convincingly as Madoc is. Vivienne is a cinnamon roll, falling in love with a mortal and wanting to take care of her sisters. She is the opposite of Jude, who wants to belong in Faerie but isn't fae. Vivi wants to belong in the human world, but she's not human. Heather, her girlfriend, makes me curious. I want to eventually get her point of view, because she's got a gf who won't tell her much about herself or her family, but she still moves in with her. Also, I love that she has pink hair and is a fellow artist. Cardan, a High Prince, captured my attention from the start. He's cruel, stylish, and hates Jude. I want to see his heart softened as the series goes on, because I'm sure there's more to him than we know. So far, I think he's hilarious with always being in a bad mood. Jude is a firecracker if I've ever seen one. She's traumatized, angry, scared, violent, and power hungry. She kills, fights, threatens, and never stops exploding. I don't think I've come across a character with so much pent up anger as her. I want to see her heal and free herself from her trauma. I want to see her realize that all she wants is a safe home, surrounded by people who love her, and that no crown, power, or forced acceptance from the fae can give her happiness. I'm intrigued by this book series, and I can't wait to read more. 

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