XOXO by Axie Oh Book Review *spoilers*

Published on 2 September 2023 at 09:51

This has got to be one of my favorite romances. It is such a cute, fun, romantic read, and to think that I almost didn't read it because the semester started makes me glad I did.

First of all, there were some strong friendships in this book. I was worried that Sori would be a mean girl type of character, competing with Jenny for the romantic interest, but the opposite happened. Sori and Jenny became best friends, and instead of competing academically, musically, and romantically, they helped each other grow. They even performed together, and Sori gave Jenny some much needed dance lessons. I don't enjoy books where women are not supportive of each other, so this was perfect for me. Jenny also has Gi Taek and Angela, who together with her from the start. 

Another thing I loved was the XOXO guys. They were some of the softest, healthiest, stable non-problematic men. They were sweet, and it was adorable how they took care of each other as a band and as friends. Like I said, I love friendship in books, and these four guys set a great example of it. It's them against the world. They help each other through fame struggles, paparazzi, love problems, etc. 

Now, my favorite aspect of this book was the romance. It made my heart flutter. Jaewoo was so gentle all the time, and made his feelings clear to Jenny the entire time. The part when he goes and visits Jenny's grandma with her is so adorable. And he got jealous!!! I think it's so funny when there's some jealousy (not too much though, red flags hello) over some innocent situation. The photobooth, stairwell, broom closet scenes were the cutest. 

I reread the book once I finished it, and I know I'll reread it again in the future. This was a lighthearted read, filled with cute, soft romance, and lots of friendship. What else can I ask for?



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