Published on 23 June 2023 at 15:47

Hello to anyone who has managed to find my blog among the infinite amount of blogs on the internet. I have been wanting to set this up for some time now, and it was one of my goals for 2023 to start. I plan on posting frequently, about all sorts of things, from college life (I'm a student), to life and relationship advice, fashion, music, and anything else that happens to be taking up space in my mind. It might take a while to figure out and improve my blog, but the journey is just as fun and important as the destination. A huge part of what stopped me from creating my own blog before was thinking that I needed to be completely ready and have everything set up perfectly before posting anything, but what I realized is that if I never start, I will never learn or improve. So here I am, nervous and not ready, but enjoying every moment. 



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